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The Jacksonville Urban Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (JUMPO) is the regional transportation planning organization serving the Jacksonville metropolitan area of NC. Our planning area includes the City of Jacksonville, Onslow County, the Town of RichlandsTown of SwansboroTown of Holly Ridge, and Town of North Topsail Beach. JUMPO consists of representatives from each of these urban areas and municipalities, as well as the North Carolina Department of Transportation, and area military bases

The City of Jacksonville is designated as the lead planning agency for JUMPO in facilitating regional and cooperative planning processes that serve as the basis for the expenditure of all federal transportation funds for improving our area transportation network including: streets, highways, bridges, public transit, bicycle and pedestrian networks.

PLANS & documents

See all of our current planning efforts, including our Public Participation Plan, the 2045 MTP, 2024-2033 MTIP and Amendments. Archived Studies, resources and other JUMPO documents are also posted here.



The most recent information regarding highway projects in the FY 2024-2033 STIP, listed alphabetically by primary road name is provided here.


planning area

Learn about the JUMPO planning area. Read about the rich history of Jacksonville and the surrounding townships: Richlands, Holly Ridge, Swansboro, and North Topsail Beach. Find links and info here.


Prioritization 7.0

Each of NCDOT’s six modes of transportation (highway, ferry, rail, public transportation, bicycle & pedestrian and aviation) uses a data-drive approach for ranking projects. 


PUBLIC notice

TAC and TCC Meetings 2024

The JUMPO Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) is scheduled to meet on March 14, 2024 at 3:30PM in the Onslow Room at Jacksonville Station, 1300 N Marine Blvd, Jacksonville, NC 28540.

For more information regarding the TAC or TCC  meetings or to submit comments please contact JUMPO staff by email at jumpo@jacksonvillenc.gov or via phone at (910) 938-7433. Anyone wishing to attend virtually should contact JUMPO no later 72-hours in advance of the meeting to receive the meeting link.


P7.0 Local Input Methodology

All MPOs, RPOs, and Divisions in N.C are required to to develop and implement a local input point methodology that maintains criteria transparency, material availability, and process documentation while maximizing opportunity for public review and input. This Local Input Methodology must use a minimum of two criteria. One criterion must be a qualitative  and one criterion may either be a qualitative or quantitative. The MPO is seeking public comment on the P7.0 Local Input Methodology -Draft until February 19, 2024.

Title IV Program Plan

Every three years the JUMPO produces a Title VI Program Plan which is a policy, as a federal-aid recipient, to ensure that no person shall, on the ground of race, color, national origin, Limited English Proficiency, sex, age, or disability be excluded from participation in any of our programs and activities. The MPO is seeking public comment on the Title VI Program Plan 2024 – Draft until February 29, 2024.

FY25 Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP)

Every year the JUMPO produces a Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) to outline planning activities by the MPO and its member agencies during the fiscal year using funds provided by federal and state transportation agencies, as well as the City of Jacksonville and Onslow County.

The UPWP is adopted prior to the beginning of the fiscal year and similarly serves as the program budget for coordinating MPO activities with the goal of developing an integrated program that addresses current and future mobility needs of our region. The MPO is seeking public comment on the FY25 UPWP -Draft until March 11, 2024.

Amendments to the 2024-2033 MTIP

JUMPO is seeking public comment on Amendment 3 to the 2024-2033 Metropolitan Transportation Improvement Program (MTIP).

The 2024-2033 MTIP identifies state and federally funded transportation investments within the Jacksonville Urban Area MPO. Amendment 3 will enable two transportation projects to continue to move through the planning, design, right-of-way, and construction phases. The MPO is seeking public comment on Amendment 3 until March 11, 2024.

For more information or to submit comments on any of the above programs, please contact JUMPO Staff at sadams2@jacksonvillenc.gov or contact via phone at (910) 938-5037.


Service Areas

jumpo transportation project map

This map includes transportation projects that have been or are hoped to be programmed in JUMPO’s Transportation Plan.

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