Alert Eyes Save Lives

Pedestrians and cyclists are among the most vulnerable road users due to their difference in size and speed compared to motorized vehicles which place them at a higher risk of being seriously injured or killed when involved in a crash.

For that reason, the Jacksonville Urban Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (JUMPO) is working on a pedestrian and bicycle safety campaign called “Alert Eyes, Save Lives”. The campaign will uncover the characteristics of pedestrian and bicycle crashes in the JUMPO planning area with the goal of taking corrective actions to prevent fatalities and serious injuries among non-motorized road users.

“Alert Eyes, Save Lives” is comprised of three main action areas in to address the pedestrian and bicycle safety problem:


The education component focuses on encouraging safe behaviors on all road users through a media outreach.


Includes the analysis of available crash data to understand where and why crashes happen and to identify adequate counter measures.


Collaborating with local enforcement to enforce targeted pedestrian and bicycle unsafe behaviors.

Crash Facts

From 2017 to 2021, more than 150 pedestrians and 60 bicyclists were hit by motor vehicles in the JUMPO planning area which resulted in more than 20 fatalities and 30 serious injuries in our roads. Understanding where, how and why pedestrian and bicycle crashes occur can help prevent them. To learn more about pedestrian and bicycle crash facts, explore the items below:

Safety Tips

We all have to work together to make our streets safer. Learn what makes a safe driver, pedestrian, and bicyclist by clicking on the buttons below:

Save Lives Pledge


Everyone is responsible for keeping our roads safe.

Contribute to achieving safer streets today by committing to our Save Lives Pledge. By signing this pledge, you are committing to always follow the rules of the road, to actively look out for people and bikes, and to stay alert at all times. Remember that your alert eyes, could save lives! Take the pledge!

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