JUMPO serves as the coordinating agency between local governments, NCDOT, and FHWA.  Staff has established a close working relationship with the member organizations as well as with the planning staffs of the neighboring MPOs and Rural Planning Organizations (RPOs).

JUMPO is required to complete the transportation planning process in a continuous, cooperative, and comprehensive manner and is comprised of three parts:  the Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC), the Technical Coordinating Committee (TCC) and staff that serves the members of these boards.

The TAC is the policy board for the MPO and is responsible for all final decisions and ensuring meaningful public participation in the transportation planning process.  The TCC provides technical expertise and is responsible for general review, guidance, and coordination of the transportation planning process.

The TCC and TAC will hold regularly scheduled meetings and adopt a meeting schedule for each calendar year.  It is anticipated that these committees will meet approximately ten times per year with all meetings being open to the public.  There is a public comment period at the beginning of each meeting.  All meetings are listed on this website.

JUMPO is responsible for carrying out an annual work program approved by the TAC and TCC. Other requirements include the development of the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (fiscally constrained twenty-year multimodal plan), the Metropolitan Transportation Improvement Program (programming document), the Public Participation Plan, and an annual listing of obligated projects using federal funding.


Anthony Prinz

Transportation Services Director

Phone: (910) 938-5292
Fax: (910) 938-5031
Email: aprinz@jacksonvillenc.gov



Transportation Manager

Phone: (910) 938-6453
Fax: (910) 938-5031
Email: skutz@jacksonvillenc.gov


Transportation Planner

Phone: (910) 938-5037
Fax: (910) 938-5031
Email: sadams2@jacksonvillenc.gov

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